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BMW 2-Series (rendering)

Rumors say that BMW is working on the 2-Series which will be a coupe that is scheduled for a 2013 release. The car is rumored to be based on the recently launched 2nd generation of the rather ugly 1-Series and it will also come in a convertible flavor as well. What’s even more interesting is that BMW is working on an M2 version which will replace the extremely hot 1-Series M Coupe, a limited edition model.

This decision will allow the German car manufacturer to separate the hotter 1-Series-based cars from the standard 5-door models. The new kid on the block will adopt a sleeker appearance that will feature the nose of the recent 1-Series, along with wider wheel arches as well as a steeply raked roofline. The same rumors say that the car will be tuned in order to provide a sportier handling. The convertible version will probably get an electric folding canvas roof, just like the today’s 1-Series convertible model.

Under the hood it will have just about the same engines that power the 1-Series, including here a 1.6-liter TwinPower 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline unit that in its current configuration fires 170 hp in the 118i model. As far as diesels, the 2-Series will probably get an updated 2.0-liter engine with 181 hp.

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