BMW 335d tuned by AC Schnitzer breaks fastest production diesel record at 288.7 km/h (179.4 mph) –

Diesel cars aren’t exactly know for top speed, as more car enthusiasts know that a true performance car needs to run on gasoline. But the team at AC Schnitzer has proven otherwise, and with many modifications to a BMW 335d coupe model, managed to break the world diesel speed record for a production model, reaching 288.7 km/h, or around 179.4 mph, at the Nardo track in souther Italy.

The model, dubbed ACS3 3.5d, can output around 310 HP although AC Schnitzer didn’t specify any exact numbers. This just goes to show what potential lies within BMW cars and that with the right amount of tuning and aftermarket accessories, you can reach dizzying heights with your own car. Just remember to take it to the track for all your attempts.

Source: AC Schnitzer

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