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BMW is still quite confident in its 5 Series Gran Turismo (GT) model, and has just announced that it will be adding its xDrive all-wheel drive system to the crossover-ish model. The new technology will be on display at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show and will slowly appear in all of the major markets, including Asia, Europe and North America. The first… …read the full post

When BMW announced the 5 Series Gran Turismo hatchback model, it’s safe to say that two kinds of reactions appeared, you either loved the funky, almost complete hatchback styling, or you hated the hunchback nature of the 5 GT. Still, while the automotive press and BMW fans are still making up their minds, two of the largest rivals for the Bavarian… …read the full post

BMW revealed the 2011 5 Series sedan last year, while the Touring (aka Wagon) variant has been unveiled just a few weeks ago. With it, BMW revealed that it will satisfy European demand, but didn’t specify anything about it coming to North American shores, as a Sports Wagon model. Now, an official response has been revealed by BMW NA, one which… …read the full post

It seems that BMW is bent on marketing the brand new 5 Series Gran Turismo model as a more mainstream one, and in this troubled economy, meaning that it will offer smaller engines with better fuel economy, without risking to go on the high end market with performance models. At least this is what the rumors tell, which focus on the launch a 520d version… …read the full post

You’ve most certainly seen the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo (GT) version, which aims at delivering an unconventional design aimed at luxury customers who want the supreme comfort of a grand tourer in their BMW. It has definitely sparked a lot of controversy in terms of design, but it seems that BMW will stay true to the new philosophy. The company… …read the full post

I remember that, a couple of weeks ago, when we test drove the X6 (btw, review coming up soon), I was looking at the car and I was imagining how would it look if BMW decided to do a smaller car based on it, because I really started loving the way the X6 looks. Well, now I have the answer, because we now have the official press release and photos of… …read the full post