BMW announces the 5 Series Security |

So, you’re either a diplomat, either a druglord with a lot of enemies and you really don’t want to show off in an S Class or a Rolls Royce? What to do, what to do? Have no fear, BMW is here. Yesterday, the Bavarian carmaker announced the BMW 5 Series Security, a special edition of the luxury sedan, whose main purpose is to protect as good as possible its passengers. To make sure you get to you destination alive, the entire passenger cell is bulletresistant and its armour fulfils the requirements of ballistic protection level VR4 (which means the car can resist attacks with guns like .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum or 9 mm Luger).

The armour is made of a combination of casings, moulded parts and panels, plus fibre mats used for the armourplating and aramid mats used for the roof, body columns and for the front wall to the footwell and the back wall to the luggage compartment. The security glazing of the BMW 5-Series Security consists of a 22 mm thick compound of plastic and glass, while the window panes also have a polycarbonate coating which provides shatter protection for the vehicle interior.

There are also several other security features of the car, but I’m sure that’s not interesting to you (we don’t really care about it too). All you need to know is that, if you ever fear that someone might want to kill you with a bazooka, the BMW 5 Series Security is probably one of the best choices. You can read more about it in the official press release.

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Photo Gallery: BMW 5 Series Security

Source: BMW (Via BMWBlog)