BMW, best selling premium carmaker in August |

With 99,755 units sold in August, BMW managed to become the best selling premium carmaker in this month. There were only 85,003 BMWs sold (an 11.1% growth) and the rest of 14,752 were Mini models. Mercedes-Benz was really close behind, with 96,200 units sold (including Smarts) and Audi was way behind, with only 66,400 units sold.

BMW’s success is due to the new BMW X5, which got some new diesel engines and is selling really good, plus the Mini, which also rose 24%. Mercedes managed to keep up with BMW with the new C-Class, which has an outstanding demand for this model.

Don’t forget that the BMW X5 is a candidate in our European “Car of the Year” Competition, so go on and vote your favorite car.

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