BMW confirms 3 Series hybrid coming soon |

BMW’s ActiveHybrid range is going to receive a smaller model soon in the form of the best selling 3 Series. The model, according to BMW head honcho Norbert Reithofer, will join the 7 Series, X6 and the recent 2011 5 Series concept.

The Bavarian executive revealed this fact in a recent shareholder meeting where he highlighted that hybrids are becoming increasingly important and popular in specific markets (USA or Japan). As such, the 5 Series ActiveHybrid prototype we saw in Geneva a couple of months ago will be making its way into production next year, followed by a 3 Series hybrid, presumably based on the next generation model.

Besides reaching to hybrid-friendly markets, the new models will further augment the eco-consciuos image of BMW as well as lower the CO2 emission average across the whole lineup.

Source: Autocar

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