BMW confirms Megacity will get new sub-brand, uses carbon fiber |

BMW has revealed that its future Megacity electric vehicle will be marketed under a completely new sub-brand that will cater to such types of models.

Also, the company has just revealed that a new carbon fiber manufacturing plant will be built in partnership with SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers LLC in Moses Lake, USA. The factory will see an investment worth $100 million and will specialize in creating carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, that will be used on the future Megacity EV.

Friedrich Eichiner, BMW’s finance chief, said: “Lightweight construction is a core aspect for sustainable mobility improving both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, two key elements of our EfficientDynamics strategy. With using CFRP components in our Megacity Vehicle, we take sustainable mobility a step further. By combining the know how of SGL Group and our expertise in manufacturing CFRP components, we will be able to produce carbon fibre enhanced components in large volumes at competitive costs for the first time. This is particularly relevant for electric-powered vehicles such as the Megacity Vehicle.”

It’s not yet clear whether Megacity will actually be the name of the sub-brand, but according to the recent trademark filings from the Bavarian brand, we might see a denomination like the E1, E2, E3 etc. be used on the future carbon fiber-reinforced vehicles.

Source: BMW

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