BMW crushes fans’ dreams, no M3 CSL or M1 supercar |

The M3 CSL has been expected since the launch of the standard M3, and several reports stated that it was on track for a 2010 release date. But according to Ludwig Willisch, the high performance M division boss, plans for a M3 CSL have been dropped, together with the ones for a M1 supercar of a M version based on the 1-series.

The Coupe Sport Lightweight version of the M3 was set to be the most track-oriented version based on the 3-series. It was set to top the power output at around 470hp and coupled with a weight reduction of 100 kg would be a real monster on the circuits. The official “excuse” for the M division is that a reasonable demand wasn’t made from the market, so instead of throwing money out the window, their engineers are working on performance models for the X5 and X6 SUVs, models which have had a real succes on the market.

Well it would seem that BMW sure took a risk with this decision and let’s hope no angry customers were made to reconsider buying an M3.

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