BMW Gran Coupe concept presents itself –

Besides the long wheelbase edition of the 2011 5 Series, BMW prepared a big surprise for this week’s Beijing Motor Show: the BMW Gran Coupe concept.

As you can see above, the gorgeous concept aims at offering BMW’s own take on the recent four-door coupe body style, seen on models like the Mercedes-Benz CLS or the Volkswagen Passat CC. The name also suggests that it will be related to the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, so we might see Gran Coupe versions of current models in the future.

No matter what BMW’s plans are, judging by the Gran Coupe concept, we look forward to them. The car has a much more aggressive appearance, combining a sleek roof-line (it’s 10 cm or 4 inches shorter than the current 5 Series) with a fluid design.

The front of the car bears the same kidney grille while the back has a whole new look altogether, not seen on other BMW models. LED technology is used all around while the chrome accents under the fog lamps and the big wheels paint a very pretty picture.

But enough talk, check out the photo gallery below with shots of the beautiful BMW Gran Coupe Concept.

Photo Gallery: BMW Gran Coupe Concept

Source: BMWBlog

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