BMW launches free M Power Meter iPhone app |

In order to satisfy many of its customers who want to flaunt their BMW’s performance figures to friends, the Bavarian company has just launched the M Power Meter app for the iPhone.

It basically uses the built-in accelerometer of the iPhone which can accurately measure the movement of the device. It then translates it to things like a 0 to 50 km/h time (which can be taken up to 200 km/h if you like), and even show you how much forward or lateral G is your body subjected while in your own BMW, M badged or otherwise. Those of you who want to try out this free application can check this iTunes link.

There are plenty of other such apps on the iTunes App store, but you can’t really beat the price of free. In case you have an iPhone and a car to test it out with (safely, mind you), be sure to come back and share your thoughts.

Source: BMW

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