BMW M3 and Audi S3 wrapped in Police vinyls lap the Nurburgring |

I’m sure most hardcore car fans know about the famous Nurburgring circuit, the go-to place for every major carmaker wanting to test out a new performance car, or for every racing enthusiast which wants to prove something with their vehicle.

But I’m sure most of you don’t know about these two models which were spotted on the famous circuit: a BMW M3 and an Audi S3. Fine, what’s so great about these two cars? How about the fact that they’re wrapped in Police vinyls and genuinely look the part.

They are a part of the Ring-Police group, which specializes in training pilots and offering “Taxi” services on the famous circuit. But even so, I’m sure these two models really gave some pilots quite a scare when they appeared in their rear-view mirror.

Source: Autogespot via CarScoop

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