BMW M5 switching from V10 to twin-turbo V8 |

According to an inside source, BMW might change the direction lanes for their top-end performance M5 saloon. The change refers to their long lasting tradition in high-revving naturally aspired engines, in this case, the all-powerful V10 might be changed for a twin-turbocharged V8.

The engine, could be a tweaked version of the 4.4liter, twin-turbo engine presented on the X6, modified to 4.8 liters, an output of around 400hp and an improvement in torque. It seems that the success of their in-house-built twin-turbo engines, that currently power the 335i and the 535i has taken even the manufacturer by surprise in terms of efficiency, and has generated this turn-around. As big enthusiasts of the M5, we can’t say that this is a bad change, switching from the high-pitched, F1 “scream” of the V10 to a lower, baritone, rhythmical sound, since we can, surely, love them both as much.

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