BMW Megacity EV arrives in 2013, new details revealed |

Lately there has been much talk about BMW’s future Megacity electric vehicle. Now, the company decided to throw in some official information, just to keep the rumors from getting out of hand.

The Megacity compact will arrive around 2013, under its own separate brand (think BMW and Mini). It will use an electric powertrain capable, at least in the small city car, of a range of 160 miles. The impressive number is largely owed to a new type of regenerative braking system, more aggressive than the ones currently employed by some hybrids.

Also, the new carbon fiber materials and other lightweight technologies will help the Megacity achieve the impressive mileage mentioned above. Insight from the Mini E tests will also be fed to this project in order to lower research and development costs.

As opposed to many future EVs, the BMW Megacity won’t see its battery packs sold or leased separately. The Bavarian company is confident that the packs will still be 85% operational when the lifespan of their cars will end, making them fit for recycling.

Source: BMW

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