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Last Sunday,, together with our colleagues from Revvnation, were invited to the BMW Innovation Days event, held at a local dealership.

At the event, two workshops and two drive tests were organized, showcasing the new technologies being developed by BMW in all of its fields, from the new systems for regular cars, to its hybrid and electric endeavors.

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BMW decided to showcase more info on its upcoming Megacity electric vehicle project.

As you already know, the compact city car will be powered by an electric drivetrain and use materials like carbon fiber reinforced plastics on its chassis and body parts, in order to become an attractive solution for urban environments around 2013.

Now, a fresh batch of details has been revealed by BMW. The Megacity EV will sport a rear-mounted electric motor, capable of outputting around 100 kW (134 HP). While it will boast plug-in capability, an extended-range version, that uses a small capacity internal combustion engine to charge up the batteries, isn’t out of the question.

You can preview the future design through the sketch above, but you can have a more realistic look at how the Megacity model will look like with the chassis photo below.

The car, as we revealed above, will use a carbon fiber reinforced plastic architecture, called ‘LifeDrive’ by BMW. The company brags that it is as strong as steel and weighs half as much as aluminum.

Rest assured that more details will be made available as BMW continues its research on this new electric vehicle.


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Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about BMW‘s hybrid and electric vehicle endeavors, with the Megacity project taking center stage.

This doesn’t mean the Bavarians are going off-track, as a batch of new rumors are speculating about some serious hardcore projects going on at the German company.

First off, remember the stunning Gran Coupe concept we saw during the Beijing Motor Show? It seems that it will become a reality in the future as the next 6 Series. According to Inside Line, the next 6er will arrive around 2012 and really target similar models from traditional rivals like Audi or Mercedes-Benz.

If internal combustion cars aren’t your thing, then relax, as BMW is also planning something special for the Megacity EV project. According to Autocar, the electric vehicle range will see the addition of a sportscar, in the vein of the EfficientDynamics concept we saw some time ago. Sadly, this is much further away, as the first EV is set to appear in 2013, and the sportscar after it.

Still, it seems BMW knows how to please its hardcore fans and we will see plenty of interesting models from the Bavarians in the future.


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Lately there has been much talk about BMW‘s future Megacity electric vehicle. Now, the company decided to throw in some official information, just to keep the rumors from getting out of hand.

The Megacity compact will arrive around 2013, under its own separate brand (think BMW and Mini). It will use an electric powertrain capable, at least in the small city car, of a range of 160 miles. The impressive number is largely owed to a new type of regenerative braking system, more aggressive than the ones currently employed by some hybrids.

Also, the new carbon fiber materials and other lightweight technologies will help the Megacity achieve the impressive mileage mentioned above. Insight from the Mini E tests will also be fed to this project in order to lower research and development costs.

As opposed to many future EVs, the BMW Megacity won’t see its battery packs sold or leased separately. The Bavarian company is confident that the packs will still be 85% operational when the lifespan of their cars will end, making them fit for recycling.


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BMW has revealed that its future Megacity electric vehicle will be marketed under a completely new sub-brand that will cater to such types of models.

Also, the company has just revealed that a new carbon fiber manufacturing plant will be built in partnership with SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers LLC in Moses Lake, USA. The factory will see an investment worth $100 million and will specialize in creating carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, that will be used on the future Megacity EV.

Friedrich Eichiner, BMW’s finance chief, said: “Lightweight construction is a core aspect for sustainable mobility improving both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, two key elements of our EfficientDynamics strategy. With using CFRP components in our Megacity Vehicle, we take sustainable mobility a step further. By combining the know how of SGL Group and our expertise in manufacturing CFRP components, we will be able to produce carbon fibre enhanced components in large volumes at competitive costs for the first time. This is particularly relevant for electric-powered vehicles such as the Megacity Vehicle.”

It’s not yet clear whether Megacity will actually be the name of the sub-brand, but according to the recent trademark filings from the Bavarian brand, we might see a denomination like the E1, E2, E3 etc. be used on the future carbon fiber-reinforced vehicles.


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