BMW might build 0 Series model based on the Mini to rival Audi A1 and Mercedes A Class |

Not content with the good stance of its entry-level 1 Series model on the premium hatchback market, it seems that BMW will indeed be taking the platform of the Mini model and adapting it for its future 0 Series, according to a report by Car Magazine.

This entry, codenamed UKL1, which comes from Untere Kompaktklasse, meaning lower compact class, will be set to go head to head with other premium compact models, such as Audi’s A1 and Mercedes-Benz’s A Class models. It will also be borrowing another thing from Mini, which is body styles, as a three-door, five-door and coupe bodies are all set to be adorned by the future 0 Series. It is presumed that it will be released in 2013, and will benefit from completely new three and four-cylinder engines.

Whether or not this speculation is true, this is certainly an interesting path the Bavarian carmaker is taking. All we can do is wait and see if this new 0 Series will appear on the road.

Source: Jalopnik

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