BMW might launch 5 Series GT 520d model, rules out a high performance M version |

It seems that BMW is bent on marketing the brand new 5 Series Gran Turismo model as a more mainstream one, and in this troubled economy, meaning that it will offer smaller engines with better fuel economy, without risking to go on the high end market with performance models.

At least this is what the rumors tell, which focus on the launch a 520d version of the 5 Series GT, which will be powered by the extremely popular and efficient 2-liter diesel engine, which develops around 177 HP. It has also been revealed, by BMW’s product manager, Michelle Roberts, that a twin-turbo diesel unit might also reach the 5 Series GT anytime soon.

Speculation has also surfaced in regards to a possible M-badged version of the 5 GT, which would see a much bigger engine, with better performance, but also with a higher price tag, a thing which BMW doesn’t want at least until the next few years. As such, the top of the range will still be the 550i, powered by a twin-turbo V8.

Would a cheaper and more efficient 5 Series GT model attract your attention or is the controversial design still putting you off? Why don’t you leave a comment with your thoughts.

Source: Autocar

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