BMW reveals long-wheelbase 2011 5 Series exclusively for China |

BMW knows where the money’s at in these tough times, and has just presented an exclusive version of its 2011 5 Series sedan, manufactured in and built for China.

The long-wheelbase 5 Series will be exclusive to the market, given the appeal and big number of customers such models have in the Asian country. It will be built at the Shenyang plant, where 5.5 extra inches will be added to the already big sedan.

Three straight-six engine choices will be available, from 204 HP to 306 HP in the top-of-the-range 535Li. BMW boasts the features its limousines will have, including the EfficientDynamics technology, as well as the extra touch of elegance the elongated 5 Series will have over its competition.

Source: BMW

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