BMW says more hybrids will be made, hybrid diesels a possibility |

Hybrids are currently the next big thing in the automotive industry, and not a single company can afford to ignore them in the long run. Even BMW is getting very involved with the technology, and has just released the new ActiveHybrid X6 model.

The lead manager on the project, Peter Tuennermann, has revealed a few very interesting things about the hybrid strategy of the Bavarian automaker, including the fact that certain models, like the 3, 5 or 7 series will receive mild hybrid technology, meaning the electric engine will only help the petrol one in its tasks, while the SUV lineup, like the X3, X5 or X6 will receive a full hybrid technology, in which the electric motor is big enough to power the car for a certain length.

“Electrification will play an ever increasing role in personal mobility in the future as emission regulations become ever more stringent. The hybrid is the first step towards realizing the goal of emission free motoring. It might not end up being the final solution but no car maker can afford to ignore its importance.”

Tuennermann also touched on the idea of seeing a diesel hybrid anytime soon, revealing that the EfficientDynamics concept revealed in Frankfurt is a firm statement that the company is researching the field, but that it is just one of the solutions it has in mind for its hybrid business.

Would you like to see more BMW models feature a hybrid drivetrain? If yes, then what models? Share your through in the comment section below the article.

Source: Autocar

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