BMW set to premiere 2011 5 Series Touring in Leipzig |

Well here’s a refreshing piece of news which doesn’t involve the Geneva Motor Show or the New York Auto Show, BMW will premiere the 2011 5 Series Touring variant at the Auto Mobil International (AMI) convention in Leipzig, this April.

The company already revealed the new 2011 5 Series F10 sedan at the end of last year, and will no doubt display it in Geneva, but it seems it wants to keep something for Leipzig, and will unveil the Touring edition at that location.

Bear in mind that these estate models are extremely popular in Europe, and guarantee big sales with every new generation. With the recent launch of the 5 Series GT though, many voices revealed that it spelled the end for the traditional hatchback.

This is only partly true it seems, as the presence of the 5 GT means that the already dwindling market for such cars in North America is too small to justify the launch of the F10 Touring in that region. As such, only Europeans will get to taste this edition of the 2011 BMW 5 Series.

No official pictures were released, so you’ll have to do with the back of the current 5 Series Touring.

Source: BMW via Autoblog

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