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Scouting the used car market for a car and in the same time that car happens to be a BMW? Then you have good taste and good chances to find something that will fit you in the wide array of BMW models found all around the world. BMW cars are divided in five series: 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7. All of them hold top positions on every market sector

The 1 series is the BMW unusual attempt at going retro in making a coupe that succeeds the fabled 2002 coupe from the ‘60s. It comes in two versions the 128i and the 135i as coupe and convertible. Reworked front bumpers on both the coupe and convertible mark the 1 series section. Equipped with a traditional front engine and the traction is rearwheel. Prices are pretty good too starting with the 2008 coupe at $18,454 and convertible at $22.400 and ending with the 2010 versions, coupe $24,306 and convertible at $28,394.

The 3 series BMW is the top seller and first that comes to the buyers mind. And that’s for a good reason. It’s surdy, build with high quality materials, a top compact vehicle with world renowned characteristics, enough power to keep anyone happy and a comfortable ride with performant handling. The 3 series go all the way back to the ’90s that came in sedan and coupe with a minuscule starting prices of $1,610 and $1,568 all the way to the 2010 generation that came with more trims like: wagon and convertible with prices of $37,385 for convertible, $30,511 for the coupe, $28,000 for the sedan and $30,101 for the wagon.

Going fore a more sporty version of the sedan, BMW created 5 series. Since it’s release in 1972, the 5 series have been setting the standards for sport sedans everywhere. Performance, sporty looks, comfort and wide interiors are the main characteristics revolving arount these series. Packed with inline six cylinder engines the BMW 5 series are guaranteed to satisfy every power related needs. Heading from ’92 sedan and wagon with prices of $1,875 and $1,659 and coming all the way up to the 2010 sedans for $36,153 and wagons for $43,874

2010 BMW 5 Series

The 6 series is all about extravagance. Sporting only 2 doors vehicles, this section is targeted to those who want high performances and fully equipped cars. The 2 trims available: coupe and convertible are guaranteed to leave you mouth wide when seen moving around. 3.5 liter six cylinder inline engine is actually more than necessary to power up this little car. prices range from $23,183 for the 2004 coupe model and $25,697 for the convertible from same year, all the way up to the 2010 coupe and convertible with a dicy $56,268 (coupe) and $61,034 (convertible)

And finally the 7 series that occupies the luxury sedan market segment. It is considered the BMW flagship. It may be big yet it’s very “gentle”, the full size sedan with rear wheel drive has been the embodiment of performance, equipment and luxury that represent BMW. The elite section of the sedan market is ruled by these series because of the highly tuned handling that continues to amaze us all considering the size of the car.

Equipped with a wide variety of V8 and V12 engines the feeling of power is unnerving making driving simply, pure pleasure and no stress. The interior makes you feel like you’re in a 7 star hotel, therefore the prices are pretty high, starting from the 2000 model which is $7100 and ending with the 2010 model that’s a spicy $66,056.

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One the market for a European car? If so you need to set your sights on the BMW series. This company known worldwide has developed some of the best cars currently on the market. Let’s take a little time and find out something about the BMW 5 series.

When they say that the BMW 5 series has set the standards for premium sport sedans, do not take it as an overstatement. Many of the BMW models until now have been built with rear wheel drive, but after some upgrades, versions with four wheel drive have been available in recent years.

When people are asked about their preferences in luxury cars the BMW’s 5 series are very very high up the list. If you have some extra cash that you want to spend on your car than you may want to head for a newer model which is fully electronically equipped, but know that older series are just as satisfying to drive as well. It’s an incredibly balanced car.

BMW 525i

There are an impressive amount of models to the 5 series all of them equipped with the latest technology of its age. For example the 2004-2005 series were offered in sedan and with a read wheel drive. There were two six-cylinder models, the 184-hp 525i and 225-hp 530i, along with a top-line V8 version, the 325-hp 545i  which usually rocked the house when started. This generation came with two types of transmissions one manual other automatic, both six-speed. Top of the line cars that hit the sales record in 2005. A model from 2004 is somewhere near 12.600$ used of course, as for the 2005 series, that’s only a little more expensive 15.300$.

The 2006 series came with some improvements. The entire engine and body model has been upgraded. The six-cylinders both displaced 3.0 liters, resulting in a more capable 215-hp 525i and a 255-hp 530i. The leader sedan became the 550i and featured a 360-hp 4.8-liter V8, enough to power a car more than twice its size at optimal performance parameters.

BMW 530i

Additional standard features and upgrades came in 2007, technological enhances like an auxiliary input jack and the BMW Assist program which came with an outstanding set of drive-aid improvements making the BMW more enhanced than ever. The Night Vision system and 20-way-adjustable front seats made it even more comfortable to drive. The price for one of these ingenious cars is considerably higher, a model from 2006 heightening to 17.700$, as for the 2007 model has a starting price of 25.000$. It may be a little steep but it’s worth it.

All the recent models of BMW are equipped with an iDrive system in which all the automatic car systems became embedded into one central LCD screen. Think about it, controlling the audio system, climate control, navigation add-ons and communication through only one screen. Now that’s what I call engineering efficiency.

All in all the BMW 5 series are extremely well balanced. Equipped for aggressive driving, these cars will keep you on the road no matter the terrain or weather. An adept for control, luxury and handling prowess makes the BMW an internationally known car that can be found on all the continents of the world.

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