Bmw Used Car Warranty –

The purchase of a BMW used car has become a solution for many of those who want to own a BMW. That was possible because many found that is more cost-effective to lease a BMW every two or three years rather than assume an expensive car loan for its purchase. That resulted in an increased number of BMW used cars available on the market.

Because of the lease phenomenon you won’t only pay a lower price, but you will also become the owner of a luxury car in a great condition. You will purchase a well maintained car with a low mileage on board. In addition, BMW decided to support those who want to buy a used BMW car through the BMW Approved Used Car Program. If you buy a used BMW that has been approved by the manufacturer you will purchase a BMW that has been thoroughly inspected and you will benefit from a generous BMW used car warranty.

So, if you decide to become part of the program developed by this car manufacturer, your car will be covered by an extensive BMW used car warranty. The offer is excellent considering that in case of a breakdown the cost for the repairs will be covered for 12 months no matter the mileage recorded. The cover includes genuine BMW parts and the expertise of experienced BMW mechanics. Apart from the 12 months of unlimited mileage you will also be glad to know that the warranty is offered directly by BMW and not by a third party insurer. Moreover, the warranty also covers the battery and the exhaust and includes also 12 months of MOT cover. The only services that aren’t covered are the routine ones like tire replacements or other repairs that are due to wear and tear.

You will benefit from a BMW MOT cover as part of the BMW used car warranty as long as you have a MOT test carried out in the 12 months that follow the date of your car order. As a result you will be covered against the costs involved by unpredictable repairs or component replacements. In addition, not any BMW can become an approved used BMW. The cars provided through this program come with a full service history. In fact a BMW used car with service due within 4,000 miles or less than three service lights will be sent to a service and revised prior to delivery. In addition, the recorded mileage is double checked and the BMW staff makes sure that the approved car is not a stolen or written-off car and that it’s not the subject of an undergoing agreement. To make you feel completely sure about the purchase they offer a certificate that confirms the result of these checks.

The BMW used car warranty also includes 12 months of coverage for car emergencies that may occur in the UK or in continental Europe. This service is available 24 hours a day and all the persons in the car are protected by it. This type of coverage includes roadside assistance or recovery of your car if it can’t be repaired, car hire and redelivery of your car once it has been repaired. The BMW Emergency Service can be a real help when you’re travelling abroad because they can advise you even in legal or medical matters.

The finance options offered for these approved BMW used cars which are covered by the special warranty mentioned are quite flexible. It’s another feature that is meant to attract clients and help them afford a BMW model. BMW insurance packages are also available.

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