BMW will be the only car to offer Google Local Search |

In a press release made today, BMW announced that it will be the only automobile manufacturer to offer the Google local search in the car. BMW drivers will be able to use this search function to Google for local information everywhere in Germany. When you find what you searched for, the details are transferred to the navigation system and car phone. The system identifies the location and destination of the vehicle automatically and displays the results in the vicinity with details of address, phone number and distance. For example, you can look for Yellow Pages information like names and addresses of restaurants and hotels and locate service stations, banks, supermarkets, cinemas and public bodies.

This comes after Google and BMW have been offering the function “Send to Car” for transferring search results from the Google Maps website directly to the car for some time as part of BMW’s “ConnectedDrive” which combines all individual online, assistance and service systems in the car.

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