BMW X3 prototype spotted |

For some time now, rumors say that BMW is preparing a new generation for its X3 crossover. Personally, I always found the BMW X3 to be a very strange car and couldn’t find the logic behind this model, except maybe a small SUV for women, but still, pretty expensive, with the top versions costing more than an X5, which is way cooler.

Anyway, the prototype was spotted in Munich, Germany and is under heavy camouflage, so we can’t really tell much, but the guys who took these photos said that there’s more of a “sportwagon” look for the new X3. No official info so far, but it seems that the next generation X3 will be based on a widened and lengthened 3-series platform. See more photos after the jump.
Full Photo Gallery: New BMW X3 Spy Photos

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