BMW X6 gets turned into a real two-door coupe thanks to ArmorTech |

The BMW X6 has been marketed as a Sports Activity Coupe, even thought the German model had four actual doors and a rear hatch.

Now, for those that really want the X6 to be a regular coupe model, ArmorTech has revealed a brand new customization package, which turns the X6 from a five-door to just a three-door model.

For a price, a large one of course, the Russian engineers from ArmorTech will modify the X6 to make it a true coupe, with just two front doors. This is done by pushing back the B-pillar, making the front doors longer and bringing the rear window closer to the front of the car. The seats are also modified, to allow easy access in the back.

Besides the two-door kit, ArmorTech also offers performance and aerodynamic upgrades, but it’s safe to say that quite a few rich people with questionable taste will flock to get their X6 in an even more impractical version. Those people shouldn’t forget about this Porsche Cayenne Coupe project, which was revealed some time ago.

What do you think? Is the X6 better off without two extra doors? Share your thoughts below.

Source: WCF

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