BMW X6 kicks Cayenne GTS’ ass –

Recently, AutoBild made an interesting comparison test between the Porsche Cayenne GTS (manual transmission) and the new BMW X6 (automatic). Which one won? The title says it all. The BMW did a Nurburgring lap in 8.54,4 min, 7 seconds faster the Cayenne (9.01,9 min). Top speeds were 240,9 km/h (150 mph) for the X6 and 228,1 km/h (142 mph) for the Cayenne. Also, the X6 was 1 second faster than the Cayenne in the 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration (5.7 seconds comparing to Porsche’s 6.7 seconds). If we also consider the pricings (€73,800 for the X6 and €78,034 for the Cayenne GTS) I think we have a clear winner, the BMW X6.

Via BMWBlog

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