BMW Z10 ED sketch released, might make it into production –

The concept you see in the sketch above is the BMW Z10 ED, a car that could make it into production in the future. The car was designed by Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW’s new head of design who says the Z10 ED is BMW’s vision of the future, a green car capable of delivering an exciting dynamic experience. According to AutoCar, the Z10 ED will be an £80,000 ($112,000) Audi R8 rival which will offer very low CO2 emissions and an engaging drive. The car will feature BMW’s Efficient Dynamics, active aerodynamics and a wholebunch of other green technologies, like the heat collector, which turns exhaust gas into electricity.

However, van Hooydonk also added that BMW hasn’t reached a final decision about this project so, due to the harsh economic climate, it is possible the Z10 ED to be launched not as a supercar, but be placed in another BMW class. We hope to get more info on this project soon so stay tuned, because rumors say that an official unveiling might be set for the end of this year (maybe the Frankfurt Show).

Source: Autocar

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