BMWs can’t stand dog piss any more |

BMW announced the latest technology to be used on their new cars. And don’t expect some new propulsion or safety technology but an…anti dog piss technology. So how does it exactly work? Well, when a nasty dog decides to lift its leg and pee on your brand new BMW, a 200V electric shock crosses the stream and gives Lassie a lesson it will not forget too soon. BMW guarantees that the technology, called Canine Repellent Alloy Protection (CRAP) is not harmful to the dogs, being ‘relatively pain-free’. Dr Hans Zoff, the brain behind the CRAP system, said: ‘Research shows that most BMW customers love to keep their cars clean – but dog fouling is a constant irritant.’

Now I’m sure you all took a look at the calendar and realised what day it is today. We’re not big fans of this whole April Fools thing, but still, thumbs up for BMW and for their sense of humor. And even though this is only a prank, I’m sure some of us are sick and tired of finding our wheels ‘painted’ by dogs and would love to see something like this in the future.

Source: [Via Autoblog]

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