Brakes weren't applied during New York Prius crash, NHTSA finds |

Besides the runaway California Toyota Prius, the USA was also shocked by another Prius crash, which occurred in a suburban area of New York city. The incident involved a woman driver who attempted to get out of her driveway in a 2005 Prius hybrid.

The car, according to her report, accelerated on its own, and despite pressing the brake pedal, crashed into a nearby stone wall. The car was immediately impounded by the NYPD, and investigators from both Toyota and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association arrived to check out the Prius.

It seems that the findings were pretty interesting, as NHTSA representatives revealed that the brakes weren’t applied during the incident. After working with Toyota officials to decode the information from the Event Data Recorder, it seems that the brake pedal wasn’t used before the crash occurred.

This statement made Capt. Anthony Marraccini a bit angry, as the investigation wasn’t complete, and there are still data that needs to be analyzed. Either way, it seems that once again the Prius model was not to blame in the crash.

Source: Associated Press

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