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As the Frankfurt Motor Show is in full swing, Japanese automaker Toyota decided to reveal the first pieces of information, pictures and video of its newest top-of-the-range SUV, the Land Cruiser. This model will also be the base for the North American Lexus GX.

The new heavy SUV will offer a new, revamped line of engines, including the 3-liter D-4D diesel engine, which is capable of delivering 171 HP with a torque of 410 Nm. This particular motor will push the large car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 11.7 seconds, and up to 175 km/h. Not very fast, but considering the flaunted fuel economy of just 8.1 liters/100 km (29 mpg US) and the CO2 emissions of 214 g/km, it will be very attractive for eco-conscious SUV drivers (if there is such a thing).

This new model will also benefit from a stiffer chassis, which is reinforced by 11%, as opposed to the older model. The soundproofing has also been worked upon, with engineers trying to prevent the noise of the engine and drivetrain from interfering with the inhabitants of the car. A new electronically-adjustable suspension will also be outfitted, which will adapt to the driving conditions on the fly.

The most expensive version will also feature the option of fitting a variable suspension, which will have three steps, and an electronically-controlled pneumatic one, on the rear axis. Besides all of these rather obscure purely technical upgrades, a new driver aid, in the form of a rolling assistance one will be enable, which will improve the performance of the engine and braking system. Four cameras, positioned at the corners of the car, will feed to a monitor revealing the surroundings to the driver.

Overall, these are some serious upgrades, which will be launched with the new model at the end of this year. Here is a video of the new Toyota Land Cruiser.

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