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How To Break A Car Lease

Lease is an option if you can’t afford a car any other way, but sometimes it also important to know how to break a car lease if you change your mind before the lease period is over, but in the same time you don’t want to pay extra fees or other kinds of penalties.

If you have set your mind on buying a new car, but your lease contract still obliges you to payments, you should know there are ways to work around it. You could think about a lease transfer, but not every company allows it and if you actually plan on buying that new car from the same dealership you might be able to negotiate your way out of the lease. That’s because car dealers are sometimes interested in selling you a new car in order to achieve their monthly goals, and in the same time, you might be able to save some money on long term.

On the other hand, the answer to the question “how to break your car lease” can refer to a more decisive solution that would mean bringing the car to the dealer and trying to terminate the contract. But that involves paying the remaining payments and an extra termination fee that usually is around $200-400. You must realize that you will have to pay a serious amount of money depending on how many months are left from your lease agreement. That’s why you should really think about this option. If after considering it you are still willing to go this way you should know that leasing another car from the same dealer will save some money, because you won’t have to pay the penalty fee anymore. But you will still have to pay for the previous lease as well, the remaining money being usually incorporated in the new payment plan. However, you should talk to the dealer and explore all the options he is willing to offer.

How To Break A Car Lease

If you are looking for a more cost effective solution you could try transferring the lease to a third party. If you think this is the solution for you, first of all you should have a serious conversation with the dealer, because there are certain times when the lease agreements won’t aloud you to transfer the lease. Secondly, the transfer supposes finding a person willing to cover the rest of the payments as part of their short-term lease. Thirdly, you will still have to cover a fee of $300-500 for the credit application of the new lease.

In order to find a person for the lease transferring you can place ads in the local newspapers or on specialized websites or even ask around people you know that might be interested. If the search is complicated for you, you have the option of a service like Swaplease.com that will do the searching for you in exchange of a few hundred dollars. Once you found the right person don’t think that the transfer will happen over night. These things take time and need some planning. In addition to this at all times you will have to consult your lease dealer in order to make sure all the steps you take are the right ones.

I hope I gave you some insight on how to break a lease. It is true that there are a few options available, but all these solutions suppose more money, time and energy. But if you are sure you want to renounce at your lease agreement or if you are forced to so do try finding the best way by exploring each solution.

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