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I think we have all experienced a car breakdown and we found out how important is to have the right breakdown car cover insurance. So, even if you live in the UK or any other country around the world the problems are the same and as long as you’re wise and you know what you are looking for you will be able to avoid any future problems.

The first step is to decide what you want from a UK breakdown car cover insurance package. You need to think if you use to travel long distances, because if that’s the case you will need a courtesy car or cover for travel costs more often. On the other hand, if you use your personal car rarely, then you may need only the basic UK breakdown car cover insurance package. Also, you need to evaluate your budget because that’s another limitation that may influence your choice. Ask yourself if you want to pay on a monthly basis or rather the entire amount at once and for how long you will need this type of insurance. Another feature you should think about is the number of persons that the policy will apply to: if it’s for your entire family or only for yourself.

AA UK breakdown car cover insurance

After getting an idea of what you wish for, you should shop around, check out various offers from different companies and also look into the cost and what you will be getting for your money. You can use the Internet as a primary resource and even use online shopping in order to benefit from an additional discount because most companies encourage their clients to use this option by offering significant discounts. Before signing, make sure you check all the possible conditions and exclusions because we all hate unpleasant surprises. The price offered by some companies may be cheap but in the same time it can be deceiving if you don’t pay attention to all the details.

Once you’ve bought this type of insurance you will free yourself of any worries, because you will be able to call, day and night, someone to take care of your car. If you are looking for car insurance as well, you can buy both from the same company and receive a discount. If you chose the AA UK breakdown car cover insurance you will be provided with a new car or your damaged one will be repaired on the spot (that’s usually possible in 8 out of 10 cases), their time of response is estimated at 35 minutes on average and once you decide to purchase this coverage you will receive the membership car and the pack in only 14 days.

In fact, the AA offers three options for UK breakdown car cover insurance. There is the 100 option that means you will be provided with roadside help if your car breaks at more than a quarter mile from your home and in case they are unable to repair the car on the spot they offer transport for you and your vehicle to a destination (your house or a garage) or a courtesy car for 24 hours. Then, there is the 200 option that also provides transport for you and other seven persons to your homes or another mainland destination. The 300 option offers an additional feature, road assistance within a quarter mile of your home. Last but not least is the 400 option that offers the same opportunities as the above AA options but also car replacement, overnight accommodation and onward travel if repairing your car on the spot is not an option.

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