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As if the Bentley Supersports QP Light Body Breitling Watch wasn’t enough to celebrate the automaker’s achievement of braking the world record for the fastest car on ice, there are two new watches to go along with the recently announced Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record special edition.

Dubbed GT Ice and GT Racing Ice, both of them feature an Ice White dial and have an all-polished finish. The GT Racing model sports a special finish that alternates between satin-brushed upper surfaces and polished sides. On the back of the case there is a medallion with the outline of the Bentley Continental GT.

Both models have a Breitling Calibre 13B chronograph movement – chronometer-certified by the COSC and fitted with a calendar displaying the date and day through a generous twin aperture at 3 o’clock.

These watches are a limited edition and the price tag is a whopping $7,165.

In my opinion these watches are somewhat pointless because the current top speed record for driving on ice is held by the Audi RS6, a car that clocked 206.05 mph at Gulf of Bothina in Oulu, Finland.

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