Bugatti introduces the Galibier, a 4-door Veyron supercar –

Gee, that Bugatti Veyron sure is something right? With a $1.4 million price tag it sure is pricey for something with only two doors. Perhaps we can find something more family friendly at that price. Oh, good thing Bugatti just announced the Galibier sedan, which has all of the features of the Veyron, including its monster W16 quad-turbo engine but with 4-doors.

That’s right, the manufacturer has just revealed the Galibier, which if your history is up to date, is the name of a 1939 model from the car maker, the Type 57C Galibier Saloon, and the name of a mountain pass in the in the southern part of the French Dauphiné, Alps near Grenoble. The model was teased this summer, but everyone thought it would be yet another special edition of the Veyron.

But enough about history and geography, as according to 4WheelsNews, the Galibier will see the big W16 engine at its front, meaning that it will weight around 1,900 kg, or 4,200 pounds. This will reflect on its top speed, “only” managing to top out at 350 km/h / 217 mph, but it won’t need a second key, like the Veyron does, to put into race mode. It will be longer than the two-door supercar, by almost 80 inches, reaching 5.2 meters.

Bugatti declined to reveal any other details like availability or price, but we might see something in the near future, as the company won’t be appearing in Frankfurt this week.

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Source: 4WheelsNews

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