Bugatti news: more powerful Veyron GT, new car in 2012 |

Bugatti has announced that the Veyron production will end in 2012 and its replacement will be another ultra expensive model. This contradicts the recent rumors that the French company is working on a smaller, cheaper car. “We will be staying on top of everybody else and we will not be producing a smaller, or cheaper car and we will not be moving volumes up. Bugatti customers are very extreme people,” Bugatti boss Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen told AutoCar. Though nothing is certain for the moment, it seems that the new car will be a luxury rival to the Rolls Royce Phantom, that could also benefit from advanced biofuel or diesel technology.

After the Grand Sport recently debuted, rumors are also going around about Bugatti ending the Veyron production with a more powerful ‘GT’ version. Thought Bugatti denies so far, these rumors are supported by the fact that Bugatti engineering boss, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber recently said that the quad-turbocharged 16 cylinder engine from the Bugatti could generate even more power and torque. Also, it seems that there are a few customers that already put down deposits for the ‘GT’ version, that could develop 1200 hp and reach a top speed of 270 mph (434 km/h).

Source: AutoCar

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