Bugatti trademarks 16C Galibier design, a production decission might be made soon |

As soon as Bugatti formally unveiled the 16C Galibier concept, the whole automotive press deemed it the replacement of the aging Veyron, which will see its production terminated in 2012. But a short time after, Bugatti released a statement saying that the Galibier super sedan is just one of the concepts it is considering to manufacture after the end of the Veyron era.

Now, judging by a new trademark filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization, it might be the winning idea, as Bugatti now owns the design rights for the 16C Galibier. Whether or not this means we’ll be getting a concrete announcement from the luxury supercarmaker saying that the new model will replace the Veyron is still up in the air.

Given the good press and the great performance the 8.0-liter W16 engine might output, it is definitely a winner in the eyes of fans.

Source: CarScoop

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