Bugatti Veyron Bleu Centenaire 260 Megapixel Gigapan photo –

The Geneva Motor Show marked the debut of the Bugatti Veyron Bleu Centenaire, a special edition of the Veyron, celebration 100 years of Bugatti. There were no changes made to the mechanical part, the engine still delivers 1001 hp, all Bugatti did was take some parts from the Veyron Grand Sport convertible, like the LED lights, add new aluminum air inlets, chrome mirrors and unique mirrors and paint the car in a fabulous two-tone matte/gloss blue finish.

However, this post isn’t meant to present the car, but to show you what the guys from Image Engineers did at the Swiss show. Using a Gigapan, they took this 260 Megapixel photo of the Bleu Centenaire, so you can admire every little detail of the car. Don’t know what a Gigapan is? We’re not going into details (because we don’t know very much), but the point is that the Gigapan is a robotic device, similar to the one used by the Mars Rover program, that is capable of producing very high resolution images from many small images.

Clickthrough and see the image after the jump.

Source: Image Engineers (Via Jalopnik)

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