Bugatti Veyron goes for a dip in a lake after driver got distracted by a pelican |

This story is just unbelievable from beginning to end, but the video and pictures prove that it actually happened.

It seems that a Texan driver of a stunning Bugatti Veyron supercar was looking for some real estate to buy in Galveston, near the Omega Bay. But due to a low flying pelican, he got distracted and jerked the wheel to avoid a collision.

Needless to say, he ended up in a saltwater lagoon, from which he escaped uninjured, but the beautiful and expensive Veyron didn’t, needing a towing crew to get it out of the three-foot deep water. You can check out the video of the “rescue” operation after the jump.

UPDATE: It seems that a new video has surfaced which shows that a pelican wasn’t involved (duh!), check out the article here.

Source: Jalopnik

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