Buick promotes 2011 Regal with parties in the 'Moment of Truth' campaign | Rpmgo.com

The 2011 Buick Regal marks a turning point for GM’s Tri-Shield brand, which will gain a new identity and position itself as far away as possible from the ‘Buick is for old guys’ image.

As such, the marketing team has launched a new campaign, called the ‘Moment of Truth’. If you’re thinking this is just a new series of ads or billboards which will be appearing across the US, then you’re very wrong.

In order to highlight the new ‘hip and groovy’ Buick, the company will be hosting parties across the USA, where participants will be given flip cameras and asked to record their feelings about the party and about Buick itself.

So, people from Miami, New York, Philadelphia or Chicago, get ready to party with Buick!

Seriously now, the campaign might be onto something, as the majority of its new audience target, the 35-40 year olds, don’t exactly think too fondly of Buick or aren’t even aware of the new products.

The new campaign will be kicked off at the end of June, so get ready for partying, new Buick style.

Source: Automotive News via Autoblog