Bumblebee crashes into police car on Transformers 3 set – rpmGo.com

Michael Bay’s Transformers series is filled with car action and this means, of course, a lot of things can go wrong. Well, this is one of those moments. While filming in Washington D.C., on 3rd Street and Maryland Avenue, the famous yellow Camaro crashed into a police SUV and suffered some serious damage. The crash wasn’t in the script and according to FOX 5 the SUV was driven by senior explosive technician who was rushing to a nearby location to a call for a suspicious package and was using a different radio channel than the policemen who were securing the perimeter.

After the incident, the Metropolitan Police Department issued a statement saying that an investigation is on the way and that filming of the movie will be suspended in the meantime.

Videos after the jump.

You can see the crash on the FOX 5 website (click here and below is an amateur shot.

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