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The Internet has become a market in itself where great deals are easier to find and your choices aren’t limited by location. When it comes to buying online a car from Japan the main challenge that you will have to face is the language barrier. So, you should first of all find a dealer that speaks English unless you are a Japanese fan.

The Japanese used cars are very popular in the United States and not only because of the lower price and the guarantee of well-built cars. A Mitsubishi or a Lexus are great choices and making the purchase online can also save you time. First of all you should decide upon the type of car you want to purchase because the variety can be overwhelming if you don’t do your homework in advance. The main brands you may be interested in are Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and Mitsubishi. You should also think about the year, not only about the make and model because a 2004 model may not have all the features of a 2009 model.

I’m sure your budget is also a factor that influences your choice and has determined you to buy online a car from Japan. So, refine your possible choices by adding the price filter. Your budget should range between $2,500 and $9,500, but if you want to buy a luxury model you should prepare yourself to pay more than that.

The website where you decide to look for one of these cars should be a reputable one that you are sure you can trust. Some examples would be the Kelley Blue Book website, the CarMax and the Auto Trader site. They might ask you to register on their website but don’t worry because registering is as free as searching for the car you can’t wait to buy. In order to perform your search you should just follow the instructions displayed on the Internet page and just enter the make, the model and the year of a possible car you could be interested in. You can limit the results returned by also specifying the price range you are comfortable with.


The next step that will take you closer to buying a car online from Japan involves browsing the results you have received. Take your time and read the description of the cars listed and pay attention at the warranty offered (if there is one), the number of miles the car has on board and at the financing options that may be available. Then, you should check out the pricing. Most of the companies will ask you to pay a 100% advance payment before they start exporting the car and before confirming the purchase. The price you will pay can be only the price of the car if you have a storage space that allows you to store all the cars you might want to buy before getting them home or a price that includes other services as well. There is the FOB price (Free on Board) that will include the car’s value and the export/custom fees, but not the freight, so you should ask your agent about that. Another option is CIF (Car cost+Insurance+Freight), an option that most people that buy online a car from Japan choose.

You should pay that price for the car offered with the best warranty, at the best price. Contact the dealer through the purchasing website and arrange all the other details. Most Japanese used car dealers won’t close the deal before you make a visit to their dealership, but you can try to work around it.

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