Buy A New Car In Colorado

If you are interested in buying a new car in Colorado, before starting to shop around and prepare for a serious negotiation for the make and model of your interest you should know a thing or two about the Colorado laws that are meant to protect consumers when buying new cars.

You should be aware of these laws, because otherwise you won’t know how to defend yourself from the illegal strategies some dealers on the market use. You should first of all keep in mind that Colorado has a lemon law. This law is meant to especially protect the buyers of new cars by obliging the dealer to repair the car for en entire year if the car has a mechanical defect. These repairs need to be made by the dealer no matter the area where the car breaks down, because the car is protected by the manufacturer warranty attached to any new car purchase. That’s the document which makes the car dealer responsible.

If the dealer doesn’t manage to solve the car’s problem by repairing it, after multiple attempts, the consumer has then the right to ask the dealer to replace his car or pay him back all the money: the amount he paid for the car and the money he spent by paying taxes, fees and getting the title. The number of attempts the car dealer has to try and repair once and for all the car’s problem is four in a year, but if any of these attempts includes more than 30 days of repairs in a garage, the number of attempts won’t matter. The unsatisfied customer will be allowed to make his claim. However, this lemon law doesn’t apply to used cars. The authorities have issued an Unfair and Deceptive Practices Act that offers a level of protection to used car buyers in case the dealer withholds valuable information about the vehicle.

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