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When you ask someone if they are willing to buy a rental car, you will most likely get three different responses. 48% would be indifferent to this question as they either never have rented a car or they treated them just as well as their own, which means that they do not have a concrete opinion about your inquiry. Despite all this, they have “heard” that purchasing rental cars is not such a good idea which means that the most probable answer to your question would have to be “no”.

Another 48% of people would not only say “no”, but at the same time start telling you stories of how horrible they have used a rental car, revealing the fact that in their opinion, the vast majority of the rental cars are in a very poor condition (at least to say). The remaining 4% actually acquired a rental car in the past and they most likely will tell you that they got a very good deal, saving money and purchasing a reliable automobile.

The question is: should you buy a rental car or not? Here are the advantages of purchasing a vehicle that once was a rental service car. First of all and most important, the price will be very attractive to you. Regardless of manufacturer, model, mileage and year, it goes without saying that the price for it is well below the street value. Another important reason would be that these cars have the latest feature and safety equipments thanks to the fact that they are in most cases one or two model years back.

Some of the rental companies have various programs that will allow you to drive the car for a couple of days before making a decision. Several days are enough time to figure out if the car is in good shape and if it drives well. The best way to find the condition of the car is to take it to a mechanic to find out all the ins and outs of it.

In comparison to purchasing a car from a private sale, there is less hassle for you since the company will be dealing with all the necessary paperwork. In most cases, when purchasing a rental car you will get a short-term warranty or a money-back period in order to fix the problems that might occur after you buy the car or if you simply decide to change your mind.

Another advantage is about the fact that these rental companies follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule and they fix all the problems that might occur right away.

Now that you learned about the advantages of purchasing a rental car, it is time to find out the most important disadvantages of this decision. First, there is a big possibility that the car was driven extremely hard and although it looks good, there may be more to it. The car selection is somewhat limited, depending on the company, which means that you will not have plenty of options to choose from. The vast majority of the vehicles in the fleet of a rental car company feature the entry-level trim, which means that you will find only the standard features, without any bells and whistles.

Another major disadvantage (maybe the most important one) is that for the model year of the automobile, the cars are fairly high-mileage (about 25,000 miles / model year), but if you are lucky enough, you might find some exceptions. Once you find the car, you will have to pay extra money for cleaning it really well as the likelihood of it having dirty carpets and cloth is high.

Unlike “certified pre-owned” dealer cars, when purchasing a rental car you will not benefit from a bigger warranty which means that after a certain period of time if something goes wrong, it will come out from your own pocket.

It is up to you to decide which is more important to you and do the balance between advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a rental car. Being a fairly important money investment, it is recommended to be very attentive and careful when selecting such a car for personal purposes.

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