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Salvage cars can be found just about anywhere, and can be bought in whole or by the part. Many people want to buy a wrecked car as it can be a solid source of revenue if we take into consideration that some parts from popular or rare cars can sell for many times the cost if done correctly.

First of all you need to decide upon a type of car or specific types of auto components to specialize in as you can’t cover all the market. The intent of purchasing a vehicle is paramount and will determine the entire collection process. Buying with the purpose of creating a fully functional car out of several wrecked ones will work more smoothly if they are all the same make and model. If you want to resell online, you’ll have better chances if you buy various types so that you will have a variety of inventory.

You’ll have to find a storage area, but be careful as in many areas, storing vehicles that do not run is prohibited and you might end up with a fine. You must store the vehicles in a private area, away from thieves and animals.

Next, you must get in touch with the local junkyards and find out what they have to offer. We recommend that you visit them directly as over the phone you cannot find out very much, except if they sell cars or not. Look for a car that is almost complete and do a thorough inspection of its parts and the operational condition. There are many situations in which a car ends up in a junkyard simply because the transmission or the engine has quit, and the cost for replacing the non-working component would not equal the car’s total value.  This problem can be overcome through personal repair, as the largest part of the repair cost for shops is labor. You also can get a nice profit if you decide to sell the parts individually.

You’ll have to check the condition of all the parts, like doors, windows, seats, along with the interior accessories and the rest of the components. In addition, verify the condition of the wheels. If you’ve found a vehicle that is heavily wrecked, you should check at other yards for a compatible donor so that you could do a merge.

In order to get a good deal, bring cash and state the fact that you are paying with cash at some point during the discussions, without showing the bills. Although most of the junkyards accept payment with check and/or credit cards, they are willing to drop the price if you want to pay in cash as they will not have to take into consideration the possible charge fees that come with credit cards and checks. If you want to get a very good price, you’ll have to point out several missing parts of the vehicle, or buy several cars at once so that you will benefit from a discount. You should visit the same junkyard a couple of times per month as they run through several hundred cars so you should check often for a good deal.

To buy a wrecked car, you can also go online as there many salvage and wrecked cars that are on sale for less than their relative value, especially on eBay. However, you have to take into consideration the costs for picking up the vehicle, payment fees as well as other additional costs that might occur when buying online.

Regardless of the method you use, make sure that you do a thorough inspection of the cars and take into consideration that the ones with massive impact damages might have deeper problems so if you are in doubt, you shouldn’t buy.

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