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If you you’ve recently moved in Arizona or you have been a resident for some years and you are in search of a used car, then it would help if you would know a thing or two about the local law and those tips that will help you find a great deal.

Buying a used car from a private seller you can find by checking out online or newspaper ads is a great way to save money but you should also take into consideration the risks involved by such a transaction. That’s why, first of all, you should test-drive the vehicle before buying it and also have a mechanic look at it in order to make sure you aren’t buying a weekend car.

Another issue is represented by the car’s title which has to be closely inspected. You should match the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number on the title with the one you will find inside the car, usually on the dashboard. If those numbers fail to match, you will have problems at the MVD, when you will try to register the car. Then, take a look at the car’s type, status or brand specified on the title. If you read the word ”dismantled” or “salvage”, that should make you think that the car you are willing to buy it’s a combination of stolen parts put together. Other tricky words you shouldn’t find are “reconstructed” and “homemade” because if the car has been constructed from scratch it might not have the VIN and once again registering problems may occur. You should also be interested in checking the current ownership. That’s because if the seller is not the lienholder of the vehicle, then you will need a release from the true lienholder specified on the title. Also, if the car is owned by multiple persons you will need all their signatures in order to register your car. So, pay attention to all these details before actually paying up or signing something.

Arizona Used Car

If you decide to go with a used car dealer when buying an Arizona used car, you should check that dealer’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau in order to make sure your investment is safe. Also, take your time and do some research, having an idea of the cars available in this dealer’s lot, the make and model you would like and the price range of that specific car. All these details will help you negotiate with the dealer a better price, because no matter what the dealer is trying to tell you, everything is negotiable as long as you play your cards right. After the price is set, read carefully the contract you are going to sign and also have a mechanic perform an inspection on the car. You can also easily obtain a history report on the car.

What you should also know about buying a used car in Arizona is that in this state, any used car you purchase is protected by the Arizona Used Car Lemon Law. This law states that if a major component of the used vehicle you just bought breaks within 15 days or 500 miles of driving you will be responsible only for paying a small amount of the repair cost. This amount is limited by the purchase price paid to the seller.

These are the main issues you should take care of when buying a used car in Arizona. Also make sure that the car you buy, no matter the make and model, is equipped with air conditioning because Arizona summers can be challenging for a driver.

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