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Considering the amount of time we spend in our cars, having the possibility to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or any other drink is a necessity. That’s why, it’s very important to have a cup holder installed in your car. Usually, the car cup holders are installed by the manufacturer, but if your car isn’t equipped with one of these handful accessories you can buy a car cup holder and install it yourself.

The car cup holder is an accessory that can be easily installed even by those who don’t have any experience. The official statistics state that over 90% of car owners have at their disposal car cup holders. Usually, the car cup holder is placed in the front between the driver’s and passenger’s seat. If your vehicle is equipped with bucket seats, it will usually have a special accessory that separates the two front seats. Other manufacturers decide to use that space for other purposes (for mounting the gear shift, the storage compartment or the emergency brake) and decide to relocate the car cup holder.

There are also cars equipped with bucket seats that have a “hump” placed on the floor in front of the decorative area or in front of the bench seats. This “hump” is the area where the car cup holders can be found. In the case of trucks or sports cars, larger car cup holders are available. On the other hand, if you own a smaller car, then you will have to carefully choose an appropriate car cup holder because of the limited space you have at your disposal. You will also have to fit and secure it properly because otherwise you risk damaging the car’s interior.

If you are looking to buy car cup holders you first need to determine the places where you can buy this accessory. You can try different stores in your area that might sell such accessories or you can try every auto part shop in your town. The variety of styles and colors that is available for a car cup holder is large, so you will definitely find something you like. What you should know is that the size and the style influence the price you will have to pay. Other places where you can buy car cup holders are the retail stores which sell car parts and websites that advertise such merchandise.

The online offer is large. There are even online retailers that offer you the possibility to buy a car cup holder especially made for you by taking into consideration all your requirements. The main factor that is taken into account is the car model you own. You can also choose to place on your car cup holder a logo or lettering. You can also find online retailers that design car cup holders that fit inside your storage compartment. Another thing that you should know about car cup holders is that these accessories can be found as separate pieces. For example, you can buy a car cup holder that can be attached to the car door or to the dashboard without having to necessarily place it on the floor.

A good example of car cup holder is the Drink Docker cup holder which is made of a stretchable material allowing you to give it the shape you want. It can hold your phone, your glasses and any drink you want. This cup holder is a smart choice because of its many advantages: better stabilization, it absorbs any condensation, keeps your drink cold or hot much longer and you can take it with you everywhere.

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