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In the 21st century it’s a miracle if you don’t have an excessive interest in all the electronics and gadgets you can find on the market. And it’s funny how you can accessories anything from your home to your car with electronics. So, if you’re one of us and you love buying car electronics pay attention to the following lines. A smart buyer always gets great deals.

It’s always a question not only of what it is available on the market and what you can afford but also of what you really need and what it’s suitable for your car. You can consider an LCD if you want to spoil yourself or your kids, a newer, better audio system if you like listening to music while driving, or a new amplifier. To make sure that the product you buy has features compatible with the car you own (especially the voltage necessary) you should consider having a chat with your mechanic before the actual purchase. You shouldn’t waste money buying car electronics that you won’t be able to use especially if the purchase is not made for an upgrade, but as a necessity.

Once you have an idea of what you want to buy you should think about prices and do some comparative shopping. Check the local stores and the many websites that allow you to buy car electronics online. The online option is many times cost effective because these virtual stores usually like to attract customers by offering significant discounts or deals hard to resist to. And it is also a time saving method. All you need is a computer and a reliable Internet connection.

Let’s now see what’s new on the market when it comes to car electronics and be amazed. One example would be the Sony XNV-770BT navigation system. In fact, it’s more than a navigation system because it also offers the driver a DVD player, a LCD monitor, a digital player and a radio. It also provides Bluetooth hands-free for your mobile phone and is iPod compatible. This device’s excellent entertainment capabilities are doubled by the use of a GPS module based on a TomTom navigation device that offers the best navigation technology available on the market. The price is quite spicy and it varies between $744 and $1,199 depending on the place you buy it from.

Another amazing purchase is definitely the JVC KW-NT3HDT with a price starting at $694.18 (not bad!). It offers his owner an LCD monitor; Bluetooth hands-free for his cellular phone and is also iPod compatible. It’s a car electronic worth buying because of its HD Radio, its exceptional audio quality and the many possible sources for audio streaming: the USB, the SD card, Bluetooth streaming or the CD/DVD playback. It also offers a performance GPS that does its job with the help of a three-axis gyro and a speed pulse sensor. The only disadvantage is the low resolution available but that is compensated by the detachable faceplate which is a feature rarely encountered.

These were two examples of the coolest gadgets you can find out there, these days. Once you buy the car electronic of your choice you will also have to think about the installation cost and the shipping cost that might be involved. There are stores, online and not only, that will offer you free installation or free shipping as long as you buy more than one item. To lower the costs and save the money for the installation process you should look for coupons that are usually offered on the deals an electronics store decides to massively advertise.

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