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So you’re heading for something new and fast. Than you could not have picked a better year to do it. Here are the most rated performance cars, and what’s even better, all of them are under $100.000. You may not agree with this list, since many of the factors that were taken into consideration had more or less to do with actual performance. I mean, what can you do with a car that goes 400 km/h if you can put only yourself in it? No, here were integrated factors like practicality or vehicle history, price, awards an of course, performance.

One of the greatest performance cars that ever came out of America is the Chevrolet Corvette. The need for more speed and power were the factors that influenced the creation of this great series. Nowadays the Corvette is the head of the Chevrolet lineup and for good reason: it is currently the most powerful Corvette ever made. The ZR1 is the only one on this list that exceeds $100.000 its purchase price being of $111.100. Powered up by a supercharged version of the LS9 model, the ZR1 produces a tire burning 620 horse power and because of the carbon fiber and aluminum body it carries itself around quite easily even at high speed. Top gear’s own Jeremy Clarkson rated this car as the 2009 top performance car.

Next in line is the 2011 Nissan GT-R R35. This one is probably the best car to ever leave the shores of Japan. The Nissan has a four wheel drive and a twin turbo engine with 6 cylinders that powers it up to about 485 horse power. It can reach a top speed of 193 mph and has the Corvette beaten at acceleration: 3.2 second on a 0 to 60 mph run. It is a worthy predecessor to the fabled Nissan Skyline. This oriental beauty can be yours for $84.000.

2011 Ford Mustang

Do I even need to introduce the 2011 Ford Mustang?  This massive turbocharged true to the word “muscle car” can reach 60 miles in under 4.5 seconds, while developing a massive 305 hp from the newly improved V6 engine which is smaller lighter, and more efficient, not needing more than 3.7 liter capacity to send this car flying. All the improvements under the hood make this car simply hot, there’s no other way around it. Turn on the engine just to hear it rumble underneath its body and to think that it can be yours for only $23.000.

The embodiment of quality, luxury and performance can be found in the new 2011 BMW M3. It’s basically a 3-series but with a ton of upgrades in engine, coming up with turbine modifications, air flow control regulation, a considerable increase in stability due to the new suspension upgrades and new design. It produces a throttling 414 hp from a V8 4.0 liter engine that’s silent as a mouse and silky smooth which in the same times make it pretty heavy, weighing nothing less than 3650 lbs. If you want to go fast and see the road stretching behind you when the kids are not in the car, than the BMW M3 is the perfect pick, if you have $60.000 that is.

And finally the 2011 Subaru Impreza STi. Being a product of the famous Subaru Technica International which has been leading World Rally Championship development since the ‘80s. After the company developed more and grew, they decided that they want accessible fast cars similar to the Impreza WRX. Therefore they have made the STi. You can have it for $35.000

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