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If you are a tourist, a holidaymaker or a recent New Zealand resident, then in order to solve your transportation problem it may be wiser to buy a car in New Zealand rather than renting one. And the key to finding the perfect vehicle is by knowing the main details related to the most significant New Zealand channels before actually going shopping.

So, let’s take a look at the places in New Zealand where you should start your car shopping. All in all, we can consider six different options that depending on the season and of the region you are visiting or currently living in can be the suitable place where you should start searching for a new vehicle. First of the six are the local used car dealerships. Once you enter in one of these dealerships remind yourself that dealers usually heavily mark the prices (so be ready to seriously negotiate) and that they know all the tricks in the book that will help them make even the worst car seem as an amazing deal. You can use as leverage the registration and the WOF of the vehicle, because if the registration expires soon, the dealer might keep up the price but offer you a free registration renewal. Also, pay attention at the WOF (warrant of fitness) because if it’s due to expire soon, the lower price offered by the dealer can be is desperate attempt to sell the car before it has to be the subject of another inspection that will most likely not end with a renewal of the WOF because the car might need serious repairs. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have a mechanic look at it before you actually buy it. But as long as you know how to protect yourself, these car dealerships are great places to find the prefect car.

Buy Car New Zealand

Next on our list of places where to buy a car in New Zealand are the local used car dealerships, specialized in backpackers and holidaymakers. They offer a large variety of cars that have been already adjusted to the needs of such people, sometimes including even camping equipment. These cars belong to former travelers that may need to departure soon, so they may offer great deals. But considering that they’ve travelled more than a few miles by driving that car, you should have it inspected by a mechanic.

Local car fairs are another place where you can buy a car in New Zealand. These places are usually a perfect combination between the regular used car dealership and the specialized one, because depending on the season you will find more or less backpacker cars on sale or vans if you are interested in one. On the other hand, if you like to do all your research online you can choose to visit a website like TradeMe that can be considered the New Zealand equivalent of eBay. To buy a car you don’t have to have an account. You can buy one of the cars listed by auctioning online or by privately contacting the owner/seller. The online option is very useful not only because it’s less time consuming, but it’s also a bit safer considering that the seller is required to introduce all kind of details about the car including the number plate, registration, and the WOF expiry date.

Last but not least, there are the blackboard ads in hotels and motels that can put in contact with an understanding seller and the import cars from Japan that might help you buy a car in New Zealand at an affordable price.

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