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Used car engines can be found in numerous places such as scrap yards, car/car part auctions and private sellers. On the other hand, a new car engine is harder to find. The only one that can help you is usually the car’s manufacturer. It only pays off to buy a new car engine if your car is still new but with a faulty engine or if you want to upgrade the car with a more powerful engine.

You should first of all determine if you really need to buy a new car engine. You should just check the old engine and make sure you have no chance to get it repaired. That’s because a new engine can cost up to thousands of dollars and it’s always wise to avoid such an expense if you don’t actually need it. If it’s for upgrading purposes then you can skip this advice.

In order to determine what type of engine you need to buy you should determine the exact make and model of your car. You can easily find that out by looking in the owner’s manual. If that’s not available you should check with the Kelley Blue Book where you will find some basic information about the engine, information that accompanies the car listings in the book.

Buy New Car Engine

If you’re buying a new car engine for upgrading purposes you should definitely make sure that your vehicle is compatible with the upgrade you thought about. If you are interested in a unique, custom made engine you will also have to find out if your desire can become reality. In order to find that out if the upgrade is possible you should just do a little online research and look for retailers that are offering for sale mounting kits or upgrade kits that are compatible with your car model and provide the upgrade you desire. If you won’t find any option then you can only think about talking to an auto-body specialist that might be able to help you with a custom upgrade. The only drawback is that this process is costly and may not be an option for your budget.

An alternative to the custom engine would be the installation of a performance chip on your new engine. These chips are designed to exploit the entire power of your car’s engine. You should also know that the performance chips are more commonly known as ECU chips. That’s usually how mechanics and other specialists call them.

Once you’ve made up your mind and you are sure what type of new engine you want to buy you should order it from a dealer, or even better from your car’s manufacturer. It’s ideal to visit a dealer specialized in your car brand, but if you like more the online option you can choose to log on, on the official website of the car brand you own. If you don’t use such a reliable source you may have to face some problems. You might, for instance end up with a refurbished engine that it’s nothing like the new engine you planned on purchasing.

Once your newly bought car engine is delivered you will also have to pay attention to the installation process. Considering that you will pay a high price for the engine you should try to find a reliable mechanic that has some experience in the field. Once the engine is installed you just need to make sure it has enough oil before you start it for the first time. In the end, new car engines are easy to find if you know where to look.

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