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Electric cars have started to grow on us, especially because as years pass we start thinking more about the environment. As a result the automotive industry has decided to pay more attention to this car market segment. Therefore, we started having the opportunity to buy a new electric car cheap. In addition, there are also available hybrid cars that represent a nice compromise between safe performance and an environmentally-friendly engine doubled by low fuel consumption.

If you are interested in buying a new electric car cheap you should first of all visit websites like that specializes in this type of vehicles and will be able to offer you a list of cheap electric cars from which to choose. The criteria used for selection should be first of all based on the budget you have available for your purchase. You can select the three cheapest electric cars on the list but in the process you can also take into consideration the quality factor. The prices are expected to lower as the years pass, because the technology will develop and the market will expand.

When I mean quality, I suggest you to look into aspects like durability, service and reliability. Though cars like the Nissan Leaf come at low prices that many see as best value for your money, you should take a look at the bigger picture before making your final choice. The three reference points I mentioned before can be hard to balance with a low price, but it’s not impossible.

Nissan Leaf

The cost of an electric vehicle has become nowadays competitive with the prices of petrol/diesel vehicles and even of hybrid models. It is true that governs have interfered as well, but that’s their way of showing support for an eco-friendly technology. For example, the UK govern has decided to deduct £5,000 from the price tag of the Nissan Leaf. As a result, for £23,350 you are buying a reliable electric car. So, you should take advantage of the offer right now if you intent to buy a new electric car cheap, because you never know how much time this discount will still be offered.

There are many models of electric cars available on the market There is the Nissan Leaf I mentioned before, one of the most popular electric vehicle that has recorded impressive sales in the US and now in the UK. But there are also other competitors that come strong from behind. I’m talking about the G-Wiz electric car which is not as known as the Leaf, but it’s a small car, ideal for a family of four and designed for driving in crowded cities. It can be charged via a 13 amp socket and it will retain 80% charge only after two hours of recharging that will cost around 30 or 50 pounds.

The Mega City Electric car is another choice provided by BMW. The model is expected to be show cased in 2012 during the London Olympic Games and is very likely to be introduced in production in 2013. There is a little more waiting involved, but the promise of a production car releasing zero emissions is a record for the company and for the industry, therefore worth the wait. The price might be spicier than we would like, but the first sketches revealed involve a lightweight body but strong, aerodynamic and attractive.

Mega City Electric car

These are just a few examples. Some are already available, others are a work in progress. There will be a day when the choice will become really overwhelming and buying a cheap electric car will as simple as breathing.

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